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EtherSpin is Universal Cryptocurrency Casino.

EtherSpin is the Universal Cryptocurrency Casino.

Our Crowdsale is Live! Limited Time: Get 60% bonus tokens when you invest in the next:

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Welcome to the EtherSpin ICO!

We're inviting you to join the world's first universal cryptocurrency casino.

About EtherSpin

We are a great team of cryptocurrency developers and enthusiasts. Our goal is to bring the cryptocurrencies to mass adoption. With valuable contribution from participants like you, we can make this vision a reality. That's why we are enabling all forms of cryptocurrencies on our EtherSpin Casino platform.

So far, we've already had amazing response from the community! With hundreds of active users before our public ICO, our project has been highly successful. We're thrilled to share this opportunity with you!

In order for EtherSpin to succeed, we will use this ICO to increase marketing, build additional games, and make EtherSpin the greatest cryptocurrency casino in the industry.

Cryptocurrency is rapidly growing. The adoption curve is looking great for investors, and we are still in early in the adoption cycle. As more users join, and more cryptocurrencies are created, EtherSpin will grow as it continues to add small cryptocurrencies with potential onto its platform.

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Crowdsale Information

You will receive 60% bonus tokens only this week!

For the first week, participants will receive 66% bonus tokens! Participants receive 1300 SPIN tokens for every 1 ETH in contributions.

Investor Protection

We have secured the token distribution process through the Ethereum blockchain. Tokens are automatically distributed through a smart contract on the blockchain. This system works as an automated reliable escrow between token delivery between the investor and smart contract.

The EtherSpin crowdsale smart contract is fully open source, verifiable and completely fair. You can verify the source code: here.

In the interest of investors, we have limited the maximum tokens available for sale. When all SPIN tokens are all sold, no more SPIN tokens will ever be created! Even if the supply cap is not reached, there will never be anymore tokens created following this crowdsale.

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